Streetwear, Bucket Hats, Overalls: `90s Kids Grew Up and Now Set the Aesthetic

Streetwear, Bucket Hats, Overalls: `90s Kids Grew Up and Now Set the Aesthetic

We can't give vintage loving Gen Zers all the credit. Fashion from the last decade of the previous century is having a revival moment for all the right reasons. One of them being pure math. If you were born in the 1980s and established your youth—an essential core to your character—in the ‘90s, you have now come of age to set the aesthetic.

Skater groms who spent after-school hours etching the Stussy "S" into pavement with a broken ivy plant are today's creative directors. Those raised by The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air who themselves wore comfortable, expressive brands are fashion designers paving the way for contemporary styles now. Teens who lived on cloud nine rocking a fresh same-color tracksuit are the ones breathing new life into these very looks.

Conscious or otherwise, children of the ‘90s are bringing back a piece of their youth that still speaks to them. Fashion is recyclable. It just takes time to sit with it and find the right moment of rebirth.

Dig as you will through your parent's closets, Gen Zers, gems are to be discovered. Two things we hope you pull out, and forever seek in the clothes you garner, are longevity and self expression. It’s what we grabbed from our own ‘90s closet and brought forward into modern designs; durable material, comfortable and intentional fit, fluidity of style and versatility of design.

As with any decade, contrasting subsections of fashion simultaneously emerged. Butterfly chokers and streetwear are born of the same era. Oversized flannels paired with pencil-thin eyebrows were a look. Sticking with our "to each their own energy" we're not hating on whoever brings back butterfly chokers, it just won't be us.

We're bringing back the vibe of an era that speaks to unabashed self-expression. To a time when taking a fashion risk lived in that moment, day or week. It was not eternalized on social media or a smartphone. Life before habitual digital public documentation of everyday activities feels oddly nostalgic and pure.

Here are some of our own styles that can be used in reimagining that ‘90s vibe.


The Grayson Overalls

The Grayson Overalls - ALITY Designs

Coming in hot with this stylish one piece that brings all those ‘90s vibes. We've taken a rough-n-ready staple of youth and modernized it into the highest quality overalls you'll ever touch. Made from 100% cotton French terry, these gender-free overalls feature a full-length inseam gusset for maximum comfort.

Packed with low-key details for fashion, function and durability like antique brass buttons along the sides and front latch, Pima cotton jersey lined pockets and an encased cinched waistband along the back. Pair The Grayson with your fave Dr Martens for a badass vibe or slip on a pair of flip flops to go low-key.


Drip Trip Bucket Hat

Adaptable and free. Lightweight with a solid stitch. Bucket hats have persevered through time because they strike the balance between functionality and style. Fisher of men, fisher of halibut, catcher of sun rays or compliments, the bucket hat is inclusive to all.

ALITY Designs brings an added layer of personalization to the timeless look with a dear-to-our-hearts artist collab. Catch our signature gem-tones on one side and a hand-painted drip trip canvas by San Diego artist, Autumn Love on the other. This versatile hat stands out with a same color Low-key V or Rookie crop top. Flip the front bill to show even more colors.


The Rookie Crop Top 

Rookie Crop Top Black - ALITY Designs

Surprisingly transcendent of time and genders, crop tops have found their moment well beyond the rebellion of teenagers in the ‘90s. From the 1940s collared crop top paired with a high waisted skirt to sportsmen in the ‘80s cutting their jerseys in half to frame chiseled abs, crop tops work.

They walk a line between casual and stylish. Belly bared or not, there is a certain confidence required to pull off a crop top. That's what we love about the modern version of ALITY Design's take on the crop top—anyone can pull off the look. Raw edge hem, comfort fit, full length sleeves and made of high quality California grown cotton.

This look goes perfectly with high-rise jeans or a matching pair of Bermuda Brims.


My Dad's Jacket

My Dad's Jacket - ALITY Designs

We removed the letter, expanded the man and kept the sass. The letterman jacket has evolved from an elitism to inclusion. No longer the exclusive use of a club or athletic group, this stylish outerwear makes any type of statement you desire.

In keeping with the larger-than-life energy of the letterman, this jacket has boss vibes.Ribbed collar for popping, antique brass zipper for coverage—My Dad's Jacket has low-key luxury signposts you can see and feel. Pair it with dress pants for a formal event or dress down with jeans for a casual look.

We've put our mark on a revival of quality in clothing. A return to tailored jackets and joggers. Not to be confused with form fitting, rather to be aligned with craftsmanship; full length in-seam gussets, ribbed cuffs, drop back yokes. Those low-key marks of high quality and sewn-in longevity are what we're pulling from the past.

What are you wearing with our favorite ‘90s revival moments?

Tag @alitydesigns on social to show us your wardrobe combinations.

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