Handmade low-key luxury designed to make you feel more you.

ALITY is a powerful suffix giving identity to the essence of a word. Person-ality, the art of being a person. Origin-ality, the art of being original. -ality, the art of being.

Ality Richardson, Founder & CEO, had yet to find a clothing brand that would equally complement her laidback, active, and professional lifestyle. She had a combo of favorite brands in each category, but none checked all the boxes.

The San Diego native, a tomboy, nature lover, surfer/snowboarder and entrepreneur decided it was time to create the in between.

She wanted classy, comfortable, quality clothing she could confidently dress up or down - the kind she loved to borrow from her father's closet.

She needed a simple, versatile wardrobe that would carry her through a business meeting, long walks with her beloved sidekick, Chocolate, and dinner with friends.

This was the perfect opportunity to merge her passion for design, love for the outdoors and appreciation for the finer things in life.

And so, ALITY Designs was born. A California made, premium collection of elevated basics she'd later coin, "Low-key Luxury."

From inception to creation, we are California made. We partner with local small business, pay fair wages and create our clothing by hand in small-batches, sustainably in Los Angeles, California.

Our design process begins with sourcing the highest quality fabrics, grown and manufactured in the USA. No cheap shit from overseas. No greenwashing here.

We pride ourselves on attention to detail: a tear-off tag that won't itch, a subtly placed monotone embroidered logo, cozy thumbholes, pockets and hoods lined with brushed, sueded premium cotton, a horizontal yoke for elevated appeal, laser engraved antique brass aglets, custom mold zippers and drawstrings sewn by hand from our production scraps - anything to reduce waste.

Our patterns are unique and vary from standard US sizing guidelines. Every style is gender-free and we strive for inclusivity.

Ality, an athlete and 5'8", is our size medium fit model. She prefers a US standard size large, so be sure to size down if you're looking for a closer fit.

We believe comfort is key. We put the almighty experience of feeling confident in your own skin on a pedestal. We believe if you feel good, chances are you look good!

So take a peek if you haven't already. We hope you find the perfect, one-of-a-kind piece to last you a lifetime.