From inception, the origin story of ALITY Designs is about uniqueness. Finding forms of expression that spark joy, and living them in full. A person seeking validation and then saying, “fuck it, I validate me.” 

ALITY Designs is as much defined by personal ups and downs as by geographical limbos across this sacred stretch of North America. ALITY is a state of being and of being in this state. Whether it involves hitting the surf in San Diego, people watching from the banks of Dolores Park or heading up to the snow-speckled peaks of Big Bear, our brand is mapped out in the life story of founder Ality Richardson. 

The binding of that origin story is stitched with California-spun fibers. Fog droplets still visible on the cover. Sea salt sensations if you decide, which you should, to lick the book's spine. California not only in place of production or distribution, but of soul. The Mama's and the Papa's iconic day dream song will trigger any one of us on a winter's day in central Europe. 

I'd be safe and warm if I was in L.A.

Truth is, you don't have to be born here to belong here. This place is a creation story in its own right. One of prisoners of war, risk-taking dreamers; home to those who choose it. Maybe that's the magic of the California streetwear scene—created in confidence of self expression. That entrepreneurial spirit of a skater kid determined to make a half pipe dream pay the bills.

California Streetwear is Inclusive, Cool and Confident

California streetwear comes from non-conformance to expectations. Gatekeepers no longer hold the keys to the catwalk. Joggers and hoodies stride strongly. It's the un-club that still employs a bouncer for fun because a clipboard and a clicky pen were laying around. 

You're in. You don't have to show us your Spotify playlist or bank account. You do, however, have to give a shit about keeping Tahoe blue and keeping San Francisco weird. 

Streetwear is a way to describe yourself on the inside by what you adorn on the outside. We're as much about hitting the open road, hiking into the void of the green to commence tea time with giant sequoias as we are about owning the streets of downtown Sacramento in casual refinement.

Coolness coins are collected not from weekly drops or a limited collection. We stack bills by being timeless and sustainable. As if tree-huggers were a derogatory term, we confess in full to a love affair with nature. Beach bum state of mind. Forever stoked. High-class grit. Raw elegance. 


California streetwear is an embroidered letterman-style jacket, serving as your magician's cloak of power. A drop yoke t-shirt you wear a thousand times a year, if only those numbers tallied up. A statement vest that pits fashion against function in an all out influence battle. Perfectly cut joggers that hang casually at the waist, knowing all too well that agendas are taboo. 

The essence of California in the history of streetwear is an unremovable pillar. No matter which continent, subculture, or community the movement flows to next, our brand of streetwear is inclusive, confident and cool. The badass on the block that volunteers at the animal shelter. The big sibling that teaches the little groms how to kickflip. 

California Streetwear is Quality, Comfort, and Intention


Our claim holds duality of birth and of address. ALITY Designs was created, founded, grown, born—all those attributes that speak to one's place of origin—in California. But strike up a conversation with anyone off the street and you'll get three brilliant origin stories of what makes them uniquely local. 

We are timeless; the cult classic or little black dress that never changes yet stays relevant no matter the time. We are Orwell's 1984 re-read in the 21st century.

That transcendence, a space existing outside a social construct, is the essence of our state of origin. Hours drowned in a gazing contest with crashing waves is time well spent. Volcanic in origin, hills that laugh at time-lapse videos, we create to last.  

Longevity is true to our brand of streetwear; core to the design, fit, feel and purpose. Constructed and stitched of the highest quality materials, our clothes are essentials you'll hold onto forever. LAYERS of ALITY speak to eras of the earth's past. Earth-tone in color palette, cloud-tone in touch. 

Our version of low-key streetwear means durable material that can take a beating. Designs and quality which speak to perseverance. If fast fashion melts like sugar, streetwear is here for a thrashing. A rumble tumble with the ground. A throwdown amongst the giant sequoias, then a quick dust off to meet the dusky lights in the city. 

Made to Fit All of Who You Are

Identity is everything. Who we are, who we think we are, who we want others to think we are, is an inseparable part of being human—by extension, of being a brand. 

The pages of our book, filled with tales of shopping mishaps, of adventures to a closeted dad's wardrobe to find his gay-screaming orange blazer, and then slipping it on. Of the reverse stalactite chip that builds on one's shoulder after the constant drip-drip of societal opinions. These pages are open for you to write on too. 

The future of the clothing industry is intrinsically linked to the future of clothing brands. The decisions we make as creators and consumers pave the way for greater sustainability choices and accountability. More responsible buying, sensibilities that speak to a low-key aesthetic and conscious consumerism. 

What do your pages look like? Are they geographically-bound like ours? Is there an unwritten slate upon which we can make a mark? Find a fit that speaks California to you. Explore our collection of elevated essentials at

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