Ality Designs Drip Trip Bucket Hat

Long Live The Bucket Hat

Adaptable and free. Lightweight with a solid stitch. Bucket hats have persevered through time because they strike the perfect balance between functionality and style.

In fact, the bucket hat has been at the center of global cultural evolution for over a century.  

This simple accessory, that was originally designed solely to keep the weather off a fisherman's scalp and neck, has become a timeless icon.

Transcending the boundaries of time, space, gender, and social norms, the bucket hat is truly for everyone.

Ality Designs Drip Trip Bucket Hat

The Drip Trip is our take on a reversible bucket hat featuring Autumn Love's “LAYERS” painting, created live at our collection launch party in Hollywood, CA.

This reversible bucket hat comes in all our signature colors, each with this unique LAYERS painting printed on the reverse side.

Whether you’re feeling Bill Murray-in-Caddyshack or just need the perfect accessory for trips to the beach, farmer’s market, days in the desert, or a night out - it has you covered. 

Ality Designs Drip Trip Bucket Hat

This versatile hat really shines when paired with a same color Low-Key V or Rookie crop top.

Then, just flip the bill or turn the entire thing inside out to show even more colors.

Ality Designs Drip Trip Bucket Hat
Autumn is a celebrated San Diego celebrity and artist, known as "the love advocate," and our reversible bucket hat enables you to bring her one-of-a-kind work into your daily life.

Here Are The Details: 
  • One-of-a-kind Collaboration - each hat is unique
  • Monochromatic embroidered ALITY logo on the solid side
  • Colorful artwork binding detail on the brim of the solid side
  • 10 oz. bull denim twill
  • Designed in CA, Cut & Sewn in Los Angeles, California

Whether you find yourself on the bow of a boat, on your way to brunch, or headed to the country club, know that you will always catch a compliment while wearing the Drip Trip. 

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