Adding More LAYERS to ALITY Designs

Adding More LAYERS to ALITY Designs

Welcome to the vibrant, awe-struck continuation of a Made in California love story. Stitched of 100% premium cotton, this is the unwrapping of yet another layer. A layer of pure fibers, in lieu of pure thoughts. A layer with a wild side. Handmade fabric bursting with the things we love about ALITY Designs; casual, cool, confident. 

The latest drop of the LAYERS collection is an energetic extension of our debut release. A complementary assortment of essentials, dripping in style, self-expression and low-key luxury. Still the same high-quality, raw-elegance, ready-to-grit-dirt feel, sunbursting into a prism of color collaborations to reveal the evolution of our unique take on streetwear. 

The process for breathing life into this latest release gave us a chance to question our values and double down on what makes us tick. We've been pitched, prodded and challenged to lower our standards. We would not, could not, Sam I Am. We will not buy into your offshore dregs or fast fashion scams! 

The industry can continue to roll in the mud, and we refuse to budge. We preach quality because we are quality. We preach handmade fabric because we use handmade materials. We sing the Golden State song because we are made in California. Simple as that. 

Dream-state part 2, right here. Roll around in the second drop of our LAYERS collection. Introducing the bucket hat, crop top, v-neck, overalls and shorts. Spotlight on, meet the star players. 

Drip Trip Hat | Artist Collab Bucket 

Heart on our heads, we created a reversible adornment that embodies our commitment to staying local, showing our colors and uplifting the unique. This10 oz. bull denim twill bucket hat features the whimsical painting of San Diego artist, Autumn Love, which she live-painted on the rooftop of Grandmaster Recorders during our December launch party. 


Layer upon layer, the Drip Trip Hat is a stylish centerpiece for any look. Available in all our signature colors, with an embroidered color-on-color ALITY logo on the solid side and binding detail along the bucket brim. Proven timeless, this bucket hat is here for the long haul. 

The Rookie | Raw Hem Crop Top

The one that didn't get short changed. This cropped shirt brings full length saddle-stitched raglan sleeves and a raw edge bottom hem. Made from 100% cotton French terry, The Rookie is a sweatshirt style crop top with an effortlessly cool appeal. Crafted from 17 oz. weighted fabric with a life's-a-breeze cut. 

Featuring a ribbed, crewcut neckband and ribbed extended cuffs with thumboles, this upper half essential will soon become your every-damn-day shirt of choice. A stylish piece offering comfort, quality and layers of style.

Low-key V | Pure Cotton Essential T 

Joining the ranks of our soft-sueded, holier-than-thou t-shirts, the Low-key V is made of 100% American-grown Supima cotton jersey. The timeless V-neck presents our signature drop yoke across the back and a saddle stitch of quality throughout. 

The Low-key V, following suit with other cotton jersey gems from the first drop of LAYERS in 2022, is produced from handmade fabric, knitted locally in Los Angeles. Marked with our color-on-color embroidered logo, this T silently screams that quiet luxury vibe.



The Grayson | Adjustable Overalls

Without sex on the brain — swear — these overalls are sexy as fuck. Drop them off the front, buckle them over one shoulder, go shirtless or rock it with a full sleeve T, The Grayson pays no mind to how you bend it. Made of 100% cotton French terry with a full-length inseam gusset, cinched back and encased elastic waistband. A feeling of comfort, durability and, dare we say, giddiness.

With a name and the style hits home hard. Our biggest, most enthusiastic fan, Grayson, passed as we were creating the LAYERS second drop. He waited in anticipation for our overalls to land. And while he didn't get to wear them, they honor his memory by bearing his name. Aptly so. Grayson is often used for the steward of an estate. A chosen person, elected to oversee. Thanks for keeping watch, Grayson. 

Bermuda Brims | Knee-length Shorts

We threw the rule book out and created Bermuda-length shorts totally down to show some thigh when the need arises. It's like we showed up to a members-only tennis club and put on a halftime show. We lined the pockets with sueded and brushed cotton jersey because we don't play with the details. It's all in there. 

Woven from 17 oz. 100% cotton French terry, these gender-free shorts feature a full inseam gusset for maximum comfort and style. With a three-panel waistband made of 22 oz. ribbed cotton, these shorts claim a spot on your body and stay put. 

First-drop Favorites, New Contrasting Colors

Giving way to the stubborn line of subtly, we went for it and popped in a selection of stunning color mashups on our signature pieces. The Lifebound Vest now comes in three new brilliant color combinations: (1) Bone + Moss contrasts (2) Brick + Amber and Copper contrasts and (3) Pacific + Amber and Copper contrasts. The color alterations are featured on the hood lining, pocket lining, aviator flight satin chest piece and drawstrings.  

Our gender-free take on the letterman got a color boost too. My Dad's Jacket is now available in our gem-toned Pacific with shoulder and back yoke contrasts of Copper.  

The color Bone — technically an un-color — has a colorful story behind it too. It's our gorgeous, high-quality fabric straight out the womb. Undyed. We first used what was leftover fabric from the first LAYERS run in a one-off collection of hoodies for our launch team. It was a hit. So, we ran with it. Now, you can find it throughout the second drop of our LAYERS collection.


A Way to Shop ALITY Designs 

With the LAYERS second drop, we've also revamped our website inside out. Better scroll, faster load times, more video, an improved shopping experience with several quick-look and add-to-cart features — plus an update to our look and feel. We hope you like it. We love it. It unfolds our story with a visual approach that speaks to all of what we are, where we aim to go and who we aspire to be.

We can't wait to see you in our newest LAYERS. Thank you for all your incredible support. 

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